VALD acquires SmartSpeed from Fusion Sport

VALD acquires SmartSpeed from Fusion Sport

VALD is pleased to announce it has acquired the SmartSpeed Timing Gate System.

SmartSpeed is a wireless speed and agility testing system that has helped set the standard in laser timing gate technology.

The addition of SmartSpeed and SmartJump to the product range provides a more holistic training and testing suite and allows high-performance professionals and practitioners to collect a wider range of objective data for better decision-making. 

When asked the reason VALD had acquired SmartSpeed, CEO Laurie Malone said…

“VALD doesn’t tell a coach what to do, it doesn’t tell a practitioner what to do, it doesn’t say ‘this athlete’s injured or this patient’s injured or this soldier’s injured.”

“VALD just says ‘here’s some data which would’ve traditionally been subjective – which we have objectified – in a format that it easy to understand and allows you to make a decision.”

“That’s our philosophy and we see SmartSpeed fitting perfectly into that philosophy.”

VALD CEO Laurie Malone sat down with Fusion Sport CEO Dr Markus Deutsch to discuss the reasons behind the acquisition and talk more broadly about the future of sports technology.

ffective immediately, you can now obtain the entire SmartSpeed range and its accessories, including: SmartSpeed Pro, SmartSpeed Dash (formerly SmartSpeed PT), and SmartJump. For more information, or to request a demo and pricing, visit the VALD website.

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