The Role Of Protein In Regulating Hunger

Regular exercise and a monitored calorie intake is the magic combination that helps us lose weight. But what is the role of protein in this equation? The recently published book by Sydney scientists David Raubenheimer and Stephen J Simpson, Eat like The Animals, talks about the essential role protein plays in human appetite suppression.

It comes down to the function of appetite to communicate the body’s needs to the brain in wild animals and humans alike. However unlike wild animals, our appetites have been hijacked by the modern food environment which has led to a rise in obesity and the serious diseases associated with it.

The benefits of a high protein diet are numerous and demonstrate that eating plenty of protein can help increase muscle mass and muscle strength, whilst also boosting the metabolism and curbing unhelpful food cravings.

A high protein diet helps us maintain weight loss by improving appetite control. Protein helps us avoid putting on weight by boosting metabolism while promoting satiety. We therefore decrease food intake between meals.

Both our skeletons and the muscles attached to them need looking after. If we are making demands on muscular skeletal systems with exercise, a high protein diet will help increase muscle mass and strength which is good for bones. Clearly the relationship between exercise and protein intake is synergistic and helpful for weight loss.

As well as assisting with weight loss and muscle strength, protein based meal replacement shakes have the added benefit of essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals, something that most mainstream protein shakes are missing. Protein based meal replacement shakes packaged in single serve sachets are also great for a “grab and go” meal when travelling, at work, or working out. They will satiate hunger helping us avoid reaching out for impulsive and unhealthy snacks.

With the vast offering of shakes on the market, it is advisable to select a shake formula that has important nutrients that you would also find in a whole food diet. Optislim’s Platinum Plus is a high protein VLCD total meal replacement and is a premium Australian made and formulated product. Optislim’s Platinum Plus also has pre and pro biotics, dietary fibre, MCTs and DHAs

P R E – B I O T I C S     A N D    P R O – B I O T I C S

Adequate intake of probiotics can improve digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Probiotics boost overall digestive health, strengthen the immune system, lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease, improve digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, protect against hostile bacteria to prevent infection and improve immune function.

D I E T A R Y    F I B R E

Dietary fibre is a type of carbohydrate that is important for our digestive health and has also been related to risk reduction for a number of chronic diseases. Fibre has many important functions including maintaining regularity, promoting gut health, lowering cholesterol levels and controling blood sugar.

M E D I U M – C H A I N    T R I G L Y C E R I D E    ( M C T S )

MCTs allow bodies to reach ketosis (the process of burning fat for energy) faster and more easily, and because they do not store as fat in the body, can they help with weight management, endurance and physical performance as MCTs also increase muscle mass and strength.

D O C O S A H E X A E N O I C     A C I D  ( D H A )

DHA in the diet improves learning ability and continues to support brain and eye function throughout life. DHA possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is also thought to protect against inflammation related health conditions. DHAs support the nervous system, contribute to normal brain development, lower the risk of heart disease, boosts immunity and helps improve memory.

At 200 calories per serve, Platinum Plus is available in vanilla and chocolate. Both have a delicious genuine milkshake taste and the product contains an impressive dose of protein at 20.5 grams per serve.

Not just a weight loss tool but a high protein VLCD meal replacement, Platinum Plus is for both men and women looking to maintain their health and achieve an ideal weight, as eating plenty of protein is an essential part of any weight loss plan.

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