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The Health Place

We stumbled across Health Place through their sponsored Facebook advertising and we had
to get in touch with this innovation allied health clinic. Heath Place is changing the landscape of health delivery in Brisbane, and prides itself on bridging the gap between a typical health clinic and a day spa. Their mantra includes providing the very best treatments and services to improve their clients’ lives, in a setting that is comfortable, classy and in no way clinical.

Health Place’s innovative owner, Pedro, has had a varied background. He toured with Cirque Du Soleil for one year as the resident massage therapist on the show. He worked alongside the show’s physiotherapists to deliver treatments that kept the artists in the best possible shape at all times. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Pedro to ask him some questions about his business and what it has taken to grow the business to where itnormal-mg5104-copyweb
is today.

How did Health Place begin?

It actually started with two smaller locations in Redlands, Brisbane – I was working from gyms where there was no team spirit. I felt I needed to innovate and improve and give clients something unique that was just not available to them. Health Place was born out of this need and we made sure we focused on every minute detail to get it just right. We wanted to change the industry, we wanted to make a difference.

Starting a business can be a real challenge, what did you find the most difficult?

Unfortunately, we faced all the usual issues as a startup. Firstly there was funding and managing our spending – you don’t want to overspend and get into debt so early on in your business journey. The other issue we faced was moving to a new location, sure I had lots of great clients in my original location, but we were opening a new place with no
reputation. Another challenge was hiring the right people. We have had a very thorough process to help new therapists learn from those who have experience and really spent a lot of time building their knowledge – as a health practitioner and also understanding how to run a good business. Despite the challenges, the hard work does pay off, we now have a staff of 14 and work with a huge client base and larger organisations such as the Wallabies, Queensland Reds and the Queensland Ballet Company.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to a graduate wanting to start their own business?

Number one – you need to work with someone else before you venture out on your own. Listen to people who are in the industry already, get a mentor or someone who can guide you. Don’t just open a business straight away and think you know everything as the challenges may take you over – having said that though, there is nothing more rewarding then seeing your own project flourish.

In terms of marketing, what was your strategy?

We didn’t really have a proper marketing plan funnily enough. We relied on word of mouth and cost effective promotion through Facebook. We relied on our knowledge and communication skills to create strong relationships with our clients who are now our biggest advocates. As we’ve grown,we have seen the need to have a dedicated marketing professional helping us keep on top of everything.

So, what’s next for Health Place?

We have big plans! We want more branches in Melbourne and Sydney and we also want to look at helping fellow health professionals be the best they can be.

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