The benefits of training in progressive blocks with Cameron Falloon

veryone has different fitness abilities and goals, be it putting on muscle, losing fat or changing your body composition. No matter the result you want to achieve, you’re going to need a plan of attack. After all, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. 

If you were taking anyones advice on how to achieve your fitness goals, you couldn’t go wrong following a workout strategy devised by the global fitness founder of BFT, Cameron Falloon.  

The former head strength and conditioning coach for AFL teams including the Geelong Cats, Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide Power, has established himself as a leading expert on progressive training blocks. The fitness strategies are based on the foundation that the human body wasn’t designed to zero to hero in 7 days. You need to build a base that can increase in increments week to week.

Why does Cameron Fallon recommend block training?

It’s an effective way to challenge your physical stamina while burning fat and building muscle. It focuses on one specific aspect of performance over a pre-determined amount of time. For example; you may be wanting to focus on squat range of motion in one block and the next bench press or kettlebell complex movements.  The scientifically-proven workout blocks at BFT see you work out in a community-based environment that is not only motivating but supportive. 

What’s involved in a block workout?
The 50-minute block workouts at BFT have been strategically structured to run over between 6-8 weeks, with each week progressing every style of program for a well rounded approach to training. For example, if you were focusing on progressing from a kettlebell swing to a powerful kettlebell snatch you start with the building blocks. In your first week you would have the kettlebell swing, before moving onto a swing into row, then a clean and finally into the full movement of a snatch. You can’t get to the snatch without mastering and progressing through each of the previous movements to get the correct technique and power.

Why choose block training?
If you can see progress you’re more likely to keep going and keep pushing. Tracking your results is crucial to motivation. Realising you’re capable of lifting more than you thought, pushing yourself harder than you ever thought possible, and being able to see the real results for yourself is highly addictive.

Every single workout is targeted to help you achieve your overarching goals. For example, Both Strength and Cardio classes are required to get optimal results, Power to increase your fast twitch fibre and create lean muscle, and even Balance to build unilateral stability and increase your mobility and range of motion. 

Block training means you’re not only focusing on increasing your range of movement and agility but means you’ll also be moving faster and more fluidly.

For more information on progression-based training in a unique community environment,  check out the range of result-driven workouts available at BFT.


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