Solushin® announces partnership with Osgo

Award-winning Australian shin splints treatment, Solushin®, is proud to announce its partnership with Osgo, a leading educator and distributor of medical products in the United Kingdom.

Solushin kicked off distribution in the United Kingdom in October 2021, delivering the clinically validated medical device to sportspeople in its first international market. Introduction to the UK market solidifies Solushin®’s position as an unparalleled treatment for shin splints, a common overuse injury that affects up to 35% of runners every year.

The Solushin® is available for purchase in the United Kingdom, with a launch held at the 2021 Foot and Ankle Show in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

In signing a distribution agreement with OSGO, the Solushin® team is delighted to deliver their world-first approach to shin splints to sufferers globally. “As a leader in education and product distribution in the United Kingdom, we are very excited to partner with the team at OSGO. It was very early on in the conversations that we realised our company’s missions were aligned. We look forward to working with Tony and the team for years to come.” – Ben Lindsay, Managing Director, Solushin

“The team at Osgo are delighted to be launching the innovative new product Solushin® to the UK market,\” said Tony Gavin, Managing Director of Osgo. Gavin adds,

“helping practitioners to deliver the best outcomes for their patients is at the core of what we do. We believe that this important new product will assist many practitioners in getting their patients back to full activity and be an important tool in the recovery from MTSS.”

The Solushin® is a groundbreaking medical orthosis, clinically validated to treat shin splints up to five times faster than previous treatment standards. In comparison to a study conducted in the Netherlands where 90% of sufferers took over 250-days to run pain-free, the Solushin® device demonstrated an ability to treat the injury in as little as 5-weeks. That is up to 210 days quicker than alternative treatment modalities that address shin splints.

The team at Solushin® is currently sourcing a US partner for their launch scheduled for late 2021.