Issue 8

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In this latest issue of Allied, we chat to some amazing Aussie health professionals!

As part of my role here at Allied Mag, I get sent lots of books to read and I am fortunate enough to be able to share my experience with you all. Not all of them make the cut, however the latest book to hit my desk was by Occupational Therapist, Author and Keynote Speaker, Angela Lockwood.

In her latest book ‘Switch off’, Angela teaches us the art of being able to slow down. From the moment I read the first page, I was unable to put it down, for which I am very grateful. For years the people closest to me were telling me to slow down, take a break or relax! My response is normally along the lines of ‘maybe next month’ or ‘when I have a week free in my calendar’, all of which never happen! Since reading Switch Off, I have put many of Angela’s processes into practice and my life is slowly changing for the better!

One major new feature for Allied Mag is our BRAND NEW ‘Her Sport’ section, where we are dedicated to profiling the amazing women in sport, all around the country and can’t wait to see how Her Sport evolves in the near future!

There is a clear theme of mindfulness for this issue. Kim Beach helps keep us motivated and on track, Drew Harrisberg tells us why our coffee could be making us fat and Amanda Mackenzie walks us through the key to having a healthy pantry at home!





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