Issue 5


Technology is moving at a rapid pace and as professionals, we are inundated with new and improved ways to ultimately ‘get shit done’. From managing files and online accounting to marketing automation software and project management, there are so many options available to us.

Where does all this new technology fit into the health industry? There are strong trends emerging in the industry for online health. The internet has given health professionals the ability to reach clients in other cities, states and even countries! In this issue, we hear how Health Clinic Online have leveraged technology to create a business platform. Co-founded by Nutritionist Pip Reed and Dietician, Robbie Clark, Health Clinic Online are an innovative duo who have created a system where all consultations can take place via a private and secure online video portal called Practicall, allowing face-to-face consultations with their practitioner.

We also had the chance to interview Joel from Hearty Nutrition who has a great new campaign to get more men in the kitchen. GYMITK for short, Joel explains his passion to improve the health of all Aussies, in particular the health of men.

There have so many other amazing articles and interviews packed into this issue! The Allied Mag team have been working on some seriously cool things set to launch in the new year, that I can’t wait to share with you.

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