Issue 12

In this amazing issue, we have so much to celebrate. We have a deep and powerful interview with Dr Suzy Green from the Positivity institute. Suzy talks about her initiative, The Positivity Institute, how it came about and gives us 3 things we can implement today to change our mindsets for a more positive outlook. We also have some great tips from Tara Macgregor on motivational interviewing and how it can help practitioners change the habits of their clients for the better. Plus, workplace wellness with Tom Bosna and a truly inspiring interview with Terry Cornick creator of Mr Perfect.



Dr Suzy Green

Peta Adams

Andrew Hall

Jessica Sepel

Yianni Serpanos

Sam Wood

Arland Craik

Kate Wengier

Terry Cornick

Tom Bosna

Tara Macgregor

Laura Bryant

Amy Siebenhausen

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