Pilates Reformers Australia Puts Men’s Mental Health Front and Centre

This Black Friday, while many companies are focused on slashing prices and boosting sales, Pilates Reformers Australia is taking a bold step to shift the narrative.

The leading Pilates equipment retailer is launching its ‘Real Men Do Pilates’ campaign, dedicating a portion of its proceeds from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to support the important cause of men’s mental health.

In partnership with “Grab Life By The Balls,” a proactive men’s mental health charity in Australia, Pilates Reformers Australia aims to shatter stereotypes around Pilates and shed light on the significant and often overlooked issue of male mental health.

Adrian Burgess, Co-founder of Pilates Reformers Australia, remarked, “Pilates is a powerful practice for the body, mind, and soul. With ‘Real Men Do Pilates,’ we’re not only highlighting the physical benefits men can derive from Pilates but also spotlighting the immense mental and emotional support it can provide.

Collaborating with ‘Grab Life By The Balls’ felt like the perfect synergy as we unite to strengthen and uplift our male community.”

The Pilates Reformer Bed offers a transformative workout experience that can elevate your fitness routine to new heights.

Sam Parker, Founder and CEO of Grab Life By The Balls added, “At Grab Life By The Balls we’re on a mission to connect one million Aussie boys and men. Life’s a whole lot better when you’ve got solid mates, and that’s what we’re all about—empowering Aussie blokes do something positive and proactive for their health. And, it turns out mateship is that thing.

We are stoked to be involved with the Pilates Reformers Australia initiative, and to have another mate helping us out on our mission.”

Pilates enthusiasts and shoppers are encouraged to be part of this meaningful initiative. Not only will they be investing in quality Pilates equipment and their own well-being, but they’ll also be playing a role in supporting the mental health of countless men across Australia.

Celebrate Black Friday through Cyber Monday with Pilates Reformers Australia and enjoy 10% off on select accessories, making it the perfect time to enhance your Pilates experience.

To learn more about the ‘Real Men Do Pilates’ campaign or to make a purchase that will support men’s mental health, please visit

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