Overwhelmed midlife women start living a fuller life through experimentation

Overwhelmed midlife women start living a fuller life through experimentation

Driven to help midlife women carve out fulfilling lives, women’s midlife specialist, Natalie Yan-Chatonsky, has released her debut book, The Art of Fulltime Living, to help women turn their midlife transition into a midlife transformation and balance a myriad of personal challenges such as empty nesting, menopause, divorce and ageism in the workforce. 

Yan-Chatonsky has spent countless hours interviewing women from different backgrounds and cultures to understand the challenges facing women in midlife. Inspired by watching her mother’s transition, Yan-Chatonsky’s research has revealed a common theme – midlife women feel overwhelmed. 

“Many women are exhausted by the aftermath of lockdowns, the physical changes of menopause, and the demands of caring for children, partners and aging parents” says Yan-Chatonsky. “My goal is to help women to spend more time thinking about what matters to them and mapping out a healthy, meaningful and connected future.” 

Beautifully illustrated by Danish designer Kristine Lindbjerg, The Art of Fulltime Living features vignettes of 20 diverse and inspiring women, some of whom have made radical midlife resets. One woman discovered the joys of solo travel for the first time after her marriage of 27 years ended. She followed her intuition to set up a travel business for women walking the Camino de Santiago. She now lives in Spain with her new partner. 

Yan-Chatonsky’s business, Full Time Lives, facilitates workshops for businesses and individuals to help women tap into their strengths; identify their interests; reconnect with their communities and build new ones; and do more of what’s meaningful to them as they transition through midlife. 

“The secret is not a radical change, but running ‘experiments’ to see what works for the individual,” says Yan-Chatonsky. “As we gain experiences over a lifetime, we become more unique. That’s why my book advocates that women carve out time to plan their next chapter(s) and experiment with new activities and people, even at the peak of busyness. A midlife woman can live until 100, so it’s not selfish to look after her long-term well-being.”

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