Opy USA and PatientNow Partner to Support Medical Practices Manage Growing Payment Needs.

Opy USA and PatientNow Partner to Support Medical Practices Manage Growing Payment Needs.

SAN DIEGO (October 6, 2021) — ‘Buy now, Pay smarter.’ company, Opy USA, Inc., (Opy), and its parent company Openpay Pty Ltd (ASX: OPY) (Openpay), today announced a multi-faceted partnership with PatientNow; a US-based practice-management company that supports doctors and specialists to manage their practice, patients, and marketing in one place. Opy will incorporate its highly differentiated, next-generation Buy Now, Pay Smarter product offering within the PatientNow platform through this partnership. Opy is an evolved Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service for consumers craving fair and affordable funding for meaningful and life-altering purchases.  

The partnership will scale Opy’s BNPL solution as it further broadens its footprint in the US healthcare market, delivering payment options to consumers when needing reliable financing the most. Through this partnership, Opy’s products will serve over 2,500 medical providers, many of whom are in the medical industry’s growing aesthetic/electives sector. 

The Opy and PatientNow partnership will feature full-scale integration, enabling partner practices to enjoy an easy, streamlined process to Opy’s flexible payment plans.  

“PatientNow has been looking for a modern solution like Opy that brings fairness, transparency, and flexibility and will refer Opy BNPL products to its medical practice partners,” said Brian Shniderman, Opy’s US CEO and Global Chief Strategy Officer for Openpay. “This partnership aligns with our mission to bring fairness, transparency, and flexibility to merchants and consumers through our payment and credit solutions that give consumers the confidence to make critical purchases.” 

Opy will provide training to PatientNow staff, making them an extension of Opy’s sales force and ensuring quality practice onboarding. In addition, Opy will gain access to healthcare and related sub-verticals through this partnership, such as elective surgery, where patients are undergoing life-changing procedures and looking for the most cost-effective way to pay for them without locking in deferred interest arrangements like traditional consumer loan offers. 

“Opy’s product is a perfect fit for larger healthcare treatment coverage instead of limiting both providers and patients alike to a single option,” said Charles Layne, Chief Executive Officer and Director at PatientNow. “Opy’s larger, longer, and customized plans created a powerful next-generation BNPL solution for those who need it the most.” 

“Partnering with PatientNow is extremely exciting for us not only within our early launch timeline, but they serve some of the fastest-growing segments in healthcare that are mutual interests of Opy,” said Mike Kimbell, Senior Vice President and Head of US Healthcare at Opy. “Their product direction takes a modern and patient-centered approach, offering patients choice.” 

The partnership further expands Opy’s objectives to launch and amass multiple wholesale merchant and distribution models with leading aggregators and Americanizing the Opy brand and platform, two vital initiatives completed in light of the company’s imminent US launch. 

For more information, www.opy.com

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