Opinion: Need to improve your health? There’s a pill for that!

Opinion: Need to improve your health? There’s a pill for that!

Far gone are the days of shopping for fresh, wholesome foods and cooking to make sure you stay healthy. With the rise of technology over the past decade there have been incredible scientific advances that you can use day in, day out to ensure you maintain your best health without having to dedicate thought, time and effort.

The pill doesn’t contain fancy ingredients from a rare plant discovered deep in the Amazon, just the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients you would get from a balanced food intake. Do you want to speed up your metabolism, burn off that stubborn stomach fat, sleep better, avoid the recurrent gut issues and have the energy to run a marathon without needing to? Then this is the pill for you.

Not only does this pill replace the nutrition of foods, but also the sensations and emotions of eating. Feel hungry? There’s a pill for that. Feel like a treat? There’s a pill for that. Want to go to a restaurant? You guessed it, there’s a pill for that.

By now you might be thinking it’s going to cost you the earth – how much for this snake oil? Due to the popularity and availability of this new pill, the prices are irresistibly low. By supplementing all your nutrition and removing the physical and mental need for other foods, each and every pill costs less than the average takeaway meal.

What are the downsides? The pill is accessible to anyone, however, does come with its disadvantages. Depending on your willingness to change, the pill can sometimes be difficult to swallow. Unfortunately, it can be quite a change for some people and to use your pill most effectively you may need to seek professional help from a dietitian.

Finally, the pill doesn’t exist. There isn’t, nor will there ever be a magic pill to replace eating nutritious foods that enable you to feel your best. Fortunately, all the benefits of this ‘pill’ do ring true for a balanced diet. You can achieve your health goals, feel better and still go out and enjoy the food you love.


Nathan Baldwin – Dietitian & genetic health coach


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