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New research revealing sentiment on running groups, entry barriers & why they are so popular

Global athletics leader, New Balance and Kic have announced a new eight-week in real life (IRL) run club across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide – empowering young women and non-binary people across the country to embrace their individuality and run their way.

The physical run club follows new research from Kic revealing sentiment on running groups, entry barriers, as well as the most valued running accessories.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Henshaw, Co-founder & CEO of, author and co-host of the @kicpod , to give us a deeper insight into the new research and to learn more about the popularity with run clubs! 

Laura, Can you tell us about your new KICRUN initiative and your reasons for launching a run club. 

We’ve teamed up with New Balance to launch our first-ever run clubs in six cities across three countries. Off the back of our KICRUN programs in app we’ve naturally seen a demand for run clubs, so I’m so excited to bring this to our community. We kicked things off  on Saturday, 23rd March, and for eight weeks straight we have Kic ambassadors in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland and London leading each run club. No matter where you are on your running journey, it’s all about having fun, overcoming self-doubt and supporting each other, every step of the way. 

Why do you believe more and more people are joining run clubs?

We recently surveyed over 5K women and 1 in 5 have joined a run club or a fun run at some point. It’s the motivation (62%) sense of community (37%) and boost in mood (25%) that’s driving this trend.

What are some of the common barriers faced when wanting to join a run club? Why is KICRUN different?

In the same survey, we discovered that there’s a perception that run clubs are only for a certain fitness level. 41% believe they’re not fast enough and a further 17% feel intimidated, and I get that. Run clubs are often male dominated or aligned with an upcoming half/full marathon, with a focus on training and hitting PB’s. Our KICRUN Clubs are different because they’re inclusive, they’re made for runners of all levels. I surprised our Melbourne community at the run club on Saturday and it was the most supportive experience. Some people ran the whole way and others took walking breaks. It was all about getting out there, building new connections and building our running confidence, together. 

Laura, as someone returning to running, how do you find the motivation to get out and run? 

Running is a mental game. Whenever I’m struggling to find motivation I’ll focus on flipping my mindset. Rather than thinking ‘I have to go for a run’, try thinking ‘I get to go for a run. I speak a lot about finding your ‘why’ – the purpose and reason why you want to get out and run. For me it’s the mental clarity I can unlock through running. It’s hands down the most powerful tool for my mental health. Find your why, and hold on to that when you’re in need of a motivation boost. Also, it’s easier said than done, but if you’re returning to running after some time off, try not to compare your running fitness to your past-self. This is your reminder to be kind to yourself and proud for just getting out there and giving it a go. 

How can KICRUN help someone looking to start running? Can you tell us more about your run programs? 

When it comes to running as a whole, the most common barrier holding people back is self-doubt. Our KICRUN programs are here to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and prove to yourself that if you’re able to run, you are a runner. We’ve helped thousands of people flip this mindset through our beginner 0-3km and 0-5km programs. Each program is 8-weeks long, with 3 runs per week. It’s audio guided so I’m literally cheering you on every step of the way. And for those who are looking to level up their running, we have our 8-week 5-10km programs and 10-21km programs. 

When speaking to beginner runners, before starting our 0-5km KICRUN program, 83% said the thought of running made them feel doubtful, overwhelmed or anxious. And after starting KICRUN 92% said that running makes them feel empowered, strong and happy – and that’s something I’m truly proud of.


Finally, how can we get involved? 

If you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Auckland or London, you can join our KICRUN club meet ups via 

But if you can’t make it to an IRL run club, you can run towards your goal of 3, 5, 10 or 21km with our KICRUN programs in the Kic app with a 7-day free trial. 


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