My Body Science with Bsc Director, Nathan Picklum

Health and fitness is bigger than ever and there are so many gadgets, e-books, apps and meal plans out there. Your body is unique and it’s hard to find something that suits it! Body Science has created an innovative way to get a plan to suit your health needs and goals so that you get the results you want to see, through their new program, My Body Science. We were lucky enough to chat to the owner of Body Science, Nathan Picklum about the ideas behind My body science and how it’s got one above the rest.

What prompted you to create the “My Body Science” program?

Health & fitness is being led by a combination of industry experts & social media. Mybodyscience is not designed for the category’s core users, it’s for people looking for where to start. A history of dubious experts, hyperbolic claims & the belief a six pack can be achieved in a few weeks has done nothing but confuse new consumers. That is why Mybodyscience is designed to have “let’s get started” appeal and is designed to embrace a mass-market friendly free fitness information need.

Tell us a bit about the app and the idea behind it.

We have a very dedicated customer service team that have driven the basis for mybodyscience. After 18 years in the fitness business you get a good feel for what the consumer wants. This plan is for educational use only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Mybodyscience is a collaboration of our customers faq’s and expert driven industry knowledge. What we discovered was most of us don’t understand what good or healthy eating is or how to count a calorie because you just eat when you are hungry. Most of us agree, “I’m a little scared to walk into a gym”, or what do I ask a PT if I have a training goal. Mybodyscience aims to assist, no longer do you have to stress about how do i start my own customised program.

This site is designed to be about you. If you want to think about a healthier lifestyle and you want choices on what to eat, and where & when you train then we have the expert knowledge. Spend 10 minutes on our simple questionnaire and we will deliver a plan designed just for you for free as well as additional e-books that are relevant to you and based on your answers.

This program is for beginners who pretty much know absolutely nothing about what diet/nutrition is best for you. If you need a starting point for training or need some information on what “I should ask a PT to reach my goals” or you just want to understand some basic & simplified terms like what is a “rep”. This may just be a lifestyle refresher course and soon you will be able to chat with friends or your teenagers about fitness.

How is my body science different from other diet and training plans?

How are we different? There is no charge. We are not selling fitness ebooks. We are in the business of selling supplements to a good diet & training plan.

  • This is for everyone, especially beginners.
  • Whether you want a pt, go to the gym or don’t train, we listen & deliver a plan for you!
  • You can train your way, and have it customised to you.
  • Designed by a team of experts, and its free.

What you get

Explain to us the “100 points systems” and why you are using it as part of my body science.

Enter the 100 point system.

Our 100-point system is designed for an individual who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, an example of how it may be laid out (for a beginner) would be: 10 points for getting 8 hours sleep, 20 points for consuming the right amount protein, 20 points for doing at least 30 minutes of exercise, 20 points for drinking 3l of water, 10 points for relevance, 20 points for eating enough fruit and vegetables.

The 100-point system is designed by mybodyscience and seeks to accommodate for individuals embarking on various health goals. They have created over fifty x 100 point systems covering the likes of: 100 points for healthy snacking, 100 points for dinner guidelines, 100 points for training outdoors, 100 points for eating out, 100 points for recovery etc. and they are all completely free.

Further to that, the program also offers personalised diet and training plans for individuals to follow independently. After filling out a detailed questionnaire that should take around 5-minutes to complete, you will be emailed a healthy eating and training program that’s relevant to you and best of all, it’s completely free!

‘We want to make healthy living really easy for an everyday person to follow and that’s where the idea for the programs stemmed from’ says my business partner greg young, founder of body science.

‘We are a pretty unhealthy nation and something needs to change. that’s why we were inspired to create plans that are individualized for everyone, from beginners to athletes. The programs are designed to educate individuals on how to lead a healthy lifestyle while giving them an easy to follow ‘step- by- step’ guide to help them achieve their goals.’

What do you think has helped the growth of the my body science program?

We have a lot friends in sport. When we were running the r&d for mybodyscience the people willing to get involved was simply sensational. The old boys of what is now the nrl have been amazing. Legends of the sport like terry lamb, barry ward, sean garlo, steve menzies, terry madison & ben ross have been very public as they discuss their health and fitness journey with the mybodyscience team. Its about their results, their goals and why they wanted a personalised fitness and eating plan to follow, just like others can. Each plan is suited to your individual needs to help you achieve your goals!

What are your goals for the app over the next couple of years?

More experts, more educational information & access to experts. There are dozens of diet plans on the market, and our aim is to provide solutions for the most popular diet plans moving forward, along with offering more information & examples of how to train, how to run or simply how to reach your fitness goal with your favourite style of exercise.

For more information on My body science have a look here

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