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memobottle vs Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Melbourne born memobottle has its sight set on solving the single-use water bottle epidemic.

525 billion single-use bottles were purchased and consumed last year. That’s 1 million every single minute! This is an ugly statistic when considering 91% of the global population have access to clean drinking water. Not only are single-use water bottles environmentally disastrous, but they can cost over 1,400 times more than tap water.

Melbourne company, memobottle has its sights on significantly lowering these damning environmental stats, through the provision of their convenient, flat, reusable water bottles.

Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt founded memobottle in 2014, driven by two major frustrations. Firstly, the single- use water bottle epidemic. Leeworthy and Byrt grew up together in Red Hill, a small coastal town just south of Melbourne. Spending a lot of time on the beaches, they observed a large number of single-use water bottles discarded in their local environment. The duo looked into the problem and found that billions of single-use plastic water bottles are consumed globally each year and only a small percentage were recycled, with the rest going into the ocean, waterways andlandfill. “It seemed crazy to us that in a country such as ours with perfect water from the tap, we are spending so muchmoney and creating so much waste through the purchase of single-use water bottles”, says Byrt.

Secondly, Leeworthy and Byrt were tired of the inability to fit cylindrical bottles into bag. They found that they werealways taking laptop bags, satchels or backpacks to university/work and either had a big bulge in their bags from the bottle, or had to leave the bottle at home and buy a single-use bottle during the day.

They decided to do something about it. An inspired and challenging journey began, initially most of the work beingdone at night while they still held day jobs. In a relatively short time the memobottle was born – a slim, reusable water bottle designed to fit in your bag. Leeworthy, a Product Design Engineer, realised that the shape of the conventional reusable water bottles was somewhat of an inconvenience, so he designed memobottle to be flat and in the shape of the international paper sizes – A5, A6, A7. ”We had a brainstorm about the items that we carry in our bags and realised most of them are flat in shape. It didn’t make sense for our water bottles to be cylindrical”.



ABC’s War on Waste program has helped to create fantastic awareness around the single-use product problem. Lastyears episode on single-use coffee cups created a huge spike in demand for a reusable alternative throughout Australia.

“It’s been fantastic to see Australian companies such as KeepCup and Frank Green tackle this global problemby providing quality reusable alternatives. The issue has really struck a chord with Australians, and it’s been great to see our attention turn to Australian companies to help combat the issue”, says Byrt.

This year, War on Waste will be turning their attention to the single-use water bottle industry. According to a recentreport from Roy Morgan, The average Australian purchases over 50 single-use bottles a year. Multiply that out across our population, and we are consuming over 1 billion single-use water bottles a year. Notwithstanding the amount of energy used to create these products, the worst part is that less than 20% of these bottles end up being recycled,with the remainder being discarded to landfill or polluting our natural forests, ocean and waterways.

Memobottle plan to reduce this number significantly. Their reusable water bottles are now stocked in over 500 stores around Australia (over 2,000 globally). Their OneBottleMovement campaign is gaining traction, as they fight the waragainst single-use products. The company recently released a video to provide some education and statistics around the single-use water bottle industry and the disastrous environmental impact that it is causing (see video here).To assist with this movement, and in conjunction with the War On Waste message, memobottle are offering 15% off all products purchased via their website, with the discount code “WarOnWaste”, available until 31st August 2018.

Memobottle has created an incredibly successful partnership with US Not-for-Profit, (read more about and the projects they support here) allowing them to contribute two months of clean water to those in need for everymemobottle purchased. Memobottle is also a certified B-Corporation with ethical and environmental consciousness at the forefront of everything that they do (read more about B-Corporation here). “We are the first generation to feel the fulleffects of man-made climate change, and maybe the last generation that can do something about it. Our challenge asa company, and as a society, is to create alternatives that are more sustainable, and more convenient. We’ve learnedthat convenience is unfortunately often the cause of much environmental and social degradation”, says Byrt.

Learn more about memobottle at:

Facebook: www.facebook/memobottle

Instagram & Twitter: @memobottle


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