Melbourne reusable water bottle company turns to sanitation to help meet local demand

It’s a challenge all over the world right now – brands trying or being forced to pivot and adapt to the changing environment to stay relevant and afloat during this time of uncertainty. Just look at LVMH and Tesla who have reinvented their production lines to create face-mask and gowns for the many millions in critical need.

memobottle, a small business operating out of Melbourne, Australia are another great example of a company successfully repositioning their business model to deliver a campaign and product offering that strikes the balance of much-needed humour with a practical solution, that helps both the community and cuts through the media noise.

I’m sure that most of us feel as though we have 99.9 problems right now. memobottle wants to make sure that germs ain’t one of them! The ‘99.9 problems – but germs ain’t one’ A6 hand sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.9% of germs. The A6 sanitiser comes in a 375ml BPA-free, reusable A6 memobottle – ready to decant into smaller spray bottles and dispensers, or be used straight from the memobottle!

The packaging is made from rice, potatoes and corn derivatives blended with a copolymer so it is fully compostable. The A6 sanitiser is vacuum-sealed within the compostable packaging for hygiene which also allows the customer to view the considered artwork on the bottle.

The sanitiser is Australian made, produced by a local factory only 20 minutes down the road from memobottles office. memobottle feels that it is critical to support local businesses during this crisis, to help save jobs and to fulfill the shortage in sanitiser.

Once the user has finished using the sanitation liquid, they can clean their memobottle thoroughly (dishwasher, hand wash, or bottle cleaning tablets) and it can then be used as a day-to-day drink bottle.

memobottle hopes that this alternative product use will provide sanitation support to those in need during this difficult time, whilst also providing the necessary cash flow to allow the business to continue operating and delivering world-class products for months to come.

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