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How “My Health Pledge” Aims To Reduce The Burden Of Disease In Australia


My Health Pledge is the new initiative designed to help Australians prevent disease through behavioural change and action.

Did you know that 38% of the disease burden in Australia is preventable?

Even with an ageing population, Australians can still be healthy. My Health Pledge centres on educating, engaging, and encouraging communities, workforces, and individuals across Australia to take control of their own health outcomes.

“We all have a part to play in reducing the prevalence of preventable disease” says founder Michael Chapman.

Michael Chapman has worked in the public health and nutrition space for over a decade. With his new concept, he aims to inspire people to make small changes the better.

“I have found over my years of working in this space that some people don’t even know where to start with their health” says Michael.

“Some people are not on top of the health screens they should be getting. They may not know how to exercise or what healthy eating looks like. They may be struggling with their mindset. The goal is to encourage people to set themselves a challenge and take the steps to achieve it, be it to book a screening with one of our affiliates or make small healthy changes that can become positive habits. A health pledge can be anything that people want it to be” says Michael.

“For example, your pledge may be to check in with yourself on the last time you had a general check-up, a blood test or a skin check. If you are more concerned about your mental health, it may be to add meditation into your routine or book to see a psychologist. It may be to add more veggies into your diet or see a dietitian. Whatever it may be, make the pledge and we will keep you accountable.”

How to make a health pledge

  1. Head over to
  2. Fill out the questions
  3. Complete your pledge by booking in to see a health professional or completing the action required
  4. Share that you have made a pledge to encourage others to get on board
  5. Challenge a friend or family member to do the same 

More information on the initiative will be released soon, so head to the website for more information:

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