Good gut health for wellbeing and weight loss

OptiBiome is a unique new patented weight loss formula from OptiBiotix, a listed company in the UK that is at the vanguard of health science research.

Now, OptiBiome is about to revolutionise the Australian weight loss market and launched in a  new OptiSlim brand range across Australia in November 2, 2020.

OptiBiome is a patented formula created by Stephen O’Hara, scientist and microbiologist, founder and CEO of OptiBiotix.

OptiBiome approaches weight loss differently to other products as it simultaneously promotes gut health as well as weight loss. OptiBiome is the weight loss product for the 21st century and offers a healthy, hunger-free weight management program.

Three ingredients work synergistically to create the perfect environment to support people on their individual weight loss journey. By battling hunger cravings, OptiBiome empowers people to change their eating habits for good.

Konjac Root (Glucomannan), Konjac Root is often used in Chinese medicine. Konjac Root is a dietary fibre that gently expands in the stomach and provides a feeling of satiety and fullness, whilst delaying gastric emptying.

A prebiotic, Chicory Root Fibre helps stimulate the growth of positive bacteria in the gut, increasing micro-diversity or good gut health that in turn promotes a favourable mood impression. You simply feel better in yourself over the long term.

Through this unique blend of prebiotics and dietary fibres, OptiBiome works by simply stimulating the growth of positive bacteria in the digestive tract and delaying gastric emptying to help battle food cravings and hunger.

Lastly, OptiBiome includes Chromium, a mineral that helps contribute to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and mediates the peaks and troughs of dieting by enhancing the bodies use of insulin. Trace mineral chromium content enhances the body’s use of insulin, helping to metabolise carbohydrate and fat.

Stephen O’Hara says that fat and sugar are the two things in which we become addicted, OptiBiome will help curve the cravings while not getting the stress and anxiety that comes with a calorie reduction diet.

OptiBiome consumer studies show an average weight loss of up to 1.3kgs per week, significantly reduced systolic blood pressure, and reduced calorie intake calorie intake of up to 20%, with markedly lower levels of cravings.

Stephen O’Hara has brought together research from three UK universities to create OptiBiome.

OptiBiome is initially available in 4 varieties (espresso, vanilla, chocolate and a variety pack), with 10 shake sachets per pack. Each sachet is a 60g meal replacement and is recommended to replace two meals per day with a regular well-balanced meal and snacks.

OptiBiome even has a hunger busting snack bar to keep hunger at bay between meals.

OptiBiome is gluten free, with high protein and high fibre and is available in Chemist Warehouse and Woolworths from November 2020.

A  B  O U T     S T E P H E N    O ’ H A R A

F O U N D E R     &     C E O     O F     O P T I B I O T I X

Stephen O’Hara has spent 30 years studying microbiology as a scientist and health care worker, and has dedicated his life research to better understand the role of the microbiome and their interaction between human and   bacterial cells. This research has led to the understanding that the interaction between human and microbial cells is critical to sustain good health.

Stephen O’Hara is educated in a Bachelor of Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Leicester, Master of Biomedical Science, University of the West of England, Master of Science, Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology, University of Surrey, Master of Business Administration, Bournemouth University and a Research Doctorate, University of Portsmouth.

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