How to Get Over the Mental Barriers of Exercise

Article Written by Scott Evennett

Australian Commandos are viewed as the most expert unit of soldiers in the world. Their job is dedicated to getting their mental state and bodies in the most elite state for high pressure situations. After 8 years in the Australian Army, 5 of those as a Special Forces Commando, Scott Evennett has learned many powerful mindset lessons that can help you overcome the mental barriers of exercise. 

Our state of mind is either driven towards making positive progress to build a healthier and more energetic way of life, or towards the negative of keeping unhealthy habits, being overweight or lacking vitality. How we tackle these mental barriers will determine our success.

There is no doubt that exercise is physically and mentally challenging. Our lifestyles can be full of compulsiveness, high-stress, and anxiety and this regularly does not enable us to set reasonable goals and develop strategies to reach those goals.

Acknowledge Your Failures or Setbacks

The way to get around this is to first look at yourself in the mirror, acknowledge your mistakes, admit failures, take ownership and develop a plan to move forward. Total responsibility for failure is difficult to swallow, but taking ownership when things go off course is the core concept to staying on track.

As individuals, we frequently attribute luck or circumstance to the accomplishment of others, this is just an excuse we make for our own particular disappointments. We accuse our own poor execution and performance for bad luck, conditions outside our ability to control, or ineffectively performing mentors/coaches/gyms – anybody but ourselves. What you must understand is that YOU are responsible for your own happiness.

Tackle Fear

Fear is a huge barrier that holds people back; fears are the mental roadblocks you must overcome to achieve your goals. Do you have a list of personal obstacles that could be preventing you from moving forward in your life and your training? Are you scared of failure, do you fear change, do you procrastinate on tasks? This is where you must take control of your thought patterns and begin making better and far more effective decisions.

Change Your Attitude

Your attitude towards life is under your control, and it can be changed. Is your training the first thing that suffers? Why do some people thrive no matter what happens, while others merely try to survive? It’s all about their attitude towards life’s situations. Begin any task with a bad attitude, and your mental barriers will grow into mountains. Having a positive attitude to any situation will go a long way. You must change your attitude and thrive on life’s adversities.

Have A Solid Mission Plan

It’s important to have a solid mission plan that applies to you and your training. This is so you stay focused on your target and keep setting the bar higher and higher. What you believe will always determine what you achieve. If you don’t believe your goals are possible chances you won’t reach them. During Commando Selection what sets those who pass ahead of those who fail is the power of their mind to control and influence their body, it’s their belief system. Your body is capable of 20 times more than your mind, you just have to believe.


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