Dog Rescue Calendar | Australias Hottest Male PT's Support Cause
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rescue dog calendar

Rescue Dog Calendar

Our friends at Bennet PR are dog lovers, so they decided to create a Rescue Dog Calendar featuring some of the cutest rescue dogs in Australia… oh and some pretty good lookin’ male Personal Trainers.

The Calendar was shot by Scottie Hendo and features the likes of Andrew PapScott Gooding,  Ben Lucas and Dylan Rivier.

All proceeds will be donated to the Central Coast Animal Care Facility. Bennet PR have pledged that if they reach 10K in calendar sales, they will start donating to another facility. 

We are also supporting Rescue Your Fitness  an initiative started by PT Jason Siebert. The concept is simple, people need exercise and so do dogs! Next time you go out for a walk or run, stop by your local pound and take a dog out with you. To see the pounds that are involved click here

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