Dive Into New Australian Sports Technology Lab eo

Imagine competing in swimming at an elite level and having an entirely legal advantage that could help you smash a world record. 

Thanks to new Australian sports technology lab eo, there’s no need to daydream. 

With a combined 70-years experience in their respective industries, former SKINS boss Jaimie Fuller, former adidas boss Dean Hawkins, and world leading sports scientist Dr Kenneth Graham bring business, brand, and scientific expertise to their new venture co-founding eo. 

Today, eo launch eo SwimBETTER. A world-first in wearable technology created to revolutionise competitive and professional swimming by enhancing the technique of athletes and providing precise data on every stroke. For the first time ever, we can defy evolution and unlock every drop of potential in record time. 

The discrete eo SwimBETTER devices fit in the palm of the swimmers’ hands, tracking their stroke rate, consistency, stroke path, hand velocity, and applied forces in up to six directions. eo SwimBETTER then quantifies the data, allowing the coach or swimmer to address technique changes to bring swim times down. 

The ground-breaking device has Olympian Kyle Chalmers OAM and two-time ITU World Champion Vincent Luis secured as investors, with it also attracting the backing of Olympic medal winning coach Brant Best. eo is also designated as Swimming Australia’s High Performance Technology Supplier. 

Brant Best, coach of Australian Olympic swimmer James Magnussen: “eo SwimBETTER answers questions that we haven’t even asked yet because we don’t know this information. We are guessing at what we think is important, and we’ve had no way to measure it in the past. We’ve just basically been going off what we see in our eye, and what works through trial and error.

“It is the measurables for me that make a difference. When we can quantify technique, we can actually make a judgement on what is more beneficial. eo SwimBETTER is going to create a divide because normally to access this sort of technology, you’d have to go into an institute. The coaches that do take it on, are going to learn a whole lot more about their athletes individually and advance their coaching.”

Australian Olympic medallist Kyle Chalmers: “I swim to win races, and break records. When I first tried eo SwimBETTER my coach and I were impressed with the data I could get on every one of my swims. Force production, consistency, efficiency, stroke rate, the path my hand takes in every stroke, and more. This is information I haven’t had access to before and it’s information that will guide my training and hopefully get me to gold again in Paris 2024.”

Dr Kenneth Graham, co-founder of eo who has coached and project managed athletes to medals in World Championships and Olympic Games, has said that this innovation will change the swimming landscape for years to come. Dr Graham works with eo’s R&D partners and academics to turn ideas into products and then, with eo’s panel of sport experts, ensures that all products are fully fit for purpose.

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