Creating your Goals: An Interview with Adam Jelic

We wanted to share the Mi Goals story with our readers for two key reasons – passion and goals.

We hope this story with Adam helps inspire you to mould your passion around goal setting, and in turn, help you build your dream business.


IMG_8944Knowing your lifestyle is a reflection of your dreams, Adam Jelic formed Mi Goals in 2010 with the help of close friend, designer Alec Kach, hoping to help set people up for success. Their idea? Create beautifully designed stationery that empowers people to set and achieve their goals and ultimately help them live their best lives.

Mi Goals began when Melbourne-based founder Adam was on the search for the perfect diary. Unable to find it, he decided to make his own. Mi Goals has since grown from one product to more than 100 sold all over the world, and this year became Adam’s full time role.

“It’s quickly grown from a personal desire to now trying to create beautiful stationery products that actually help change people’s lives for the better. It’s a win-win for us as it’s not simply about product but also about the effect our product can have on people, which is a very rewarding thing,” says Adam.


When did you first have the idea for the business?

The idea actually began when I was 21, I was working full time selling personal training courses. Throughout the day I always found myself writing down key goals. After months of using scrap pieces of paper, the idea formed of having a structured book that helped me achieve these daily goals.


Has the business changed over time?

Well initially it started as a personal project, but I found a lot of people telling me it was too hard. I was even told I didn’t have the ‘personality’ to successfully run a business by an old boss. Luckily, I believed in myself and started to network and reach out to customers to work out their needs.


How has the process been from inception to today?

Starting was easy, but as we continued to grow it all became a little harder. Now we are dealing with scaling upwards, working with more money and less time and resources. Ideas are still there and flowing but we are executing this at a higher level. Sometimes I really wish I had started younger, as growing and building the business is the hardest part.


What, in your opinion, have been the biggest challenges?

That’s easy, logistics – expanding into international markets is very challenging. Each day we are working with margins, costs, and getting your ideas out into the market quick enough.

Multi-tasking is also another daily grind. When you are the boss of a growing business you are managing every aspect of operations. Sometimes letting go is the hardest part as only you, as the business owner, can understand the importance of perfection.


In terms of marketing, did you know what you wanted to do? Was it planned or just fly by night approach?

We knew what we wanted, but it was down to resources. It certainly has been more organic growth (which isn’t a bad thing). We have the marketing ideas but we have so many high priorities that it is hard to keep up. I am hoping that after we get though our busy time, we can concentrate on marketing.


You have built a community business owners who love your products, what keeps you inspired?

It’s the vision we have – we see this impacting millions of people throughout the world and the team is excited to create a product that gives people purpose.


What would be your advice to our readers when it comes to working on your own project?

Starting your own business is such a rewarding process to go through. I really love what I do and I feel like my products matter. So many times you can doubt things, and that it is all too hard, but it’s so much more than the bottom line. Believe that it can happen, and back yourself. Take it to the next level, it’s exciting.



Key Points for Health Professionals:

  • Create clear goals on what you and your business want to achieve. Live by these goals.
  • Don’t be afraid, you may hear negative opinions or be told you don’t have the personality to achieve, but never be too scared to try.
  • Be proud of what you do, feel like what you do matters. In terms of health professionals, remember each day you are helping people to live happier, healthier lives and that is worth so much more than money!



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