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Corey’s Story

An inspiring story about a boy’s journey to health with the help of his father and Chad Timmermans, a Neuro-Developmental therapist, Sport & Exercise Psychologist and Exercise image-coreyandmark-powerplatePhysiologist…

Corey de Gregorio is ten years old and his Cerebral Palsy (CP) means that his mobilityis severely limited. Corey has spent most of his time in a wheelchair, with a weak torso and severely stiff muscles (spasticity) in his legs. This meant a future of ongoing support and potential invasive operations to help Corey live day-to-day. Three years ago, Corey and his dad Mark travelled to Brisbane to meet with Chad Timmermans, a Neuro-Developmental therapist, Sport & Exercise Psychologist and Exercise Physiologist who specializes in working with children with CP and their families. Corey participated in one of Chad’s Intensive Programs – to help change the form of muscle system that is used for movement and physical function. Chad utilised two life-changing therapies – the Therasuit and Power Plate whole body vibration training.image-corey-powerplate-1

Since his first Intensive, Corey can now crawl, walk with quad sticks (all the way to the end of his long driveway!), and sit without support. He has developed arches in his feet where he previously had none, meaning his mobility is improved and his independence is growing. In fact, Corey was due to have major surgery on his legs in 2015 to relocate his hamstring and calf muscles. This surgery would have meant a long recovery time and intensive follow up therapy, and while some children who undergo this procedure have better comfort, it is not guaranteed. However after participating in Chad’s programs, Corey’s surgery has been placed on the backburner as he continues to make astonishing progress with Chad.

Mark and Corey both know they have a long way to go – as Corey gets older they are faced with new challenges and they are currently working on building Corey’s independence as well as his movement. But with a smile on his face, Corey is doing his ‘homework’ on the Power Plate every day and continuing to defy the critics as his quality of life continues to improve.

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