Breaking through with Kennedy Lay

Interview by Chris McCarroll

I first had the pleasure of talking to Kennedy about 6 months ago on a drive back to Brisbane from the Gold Coast. It was very refreshing to talk to someone with such drive and passion for his profession. Not only as a Physiotherapist, but also as an entrepreneur. I knew from our first conversation that I had to interview Kennedy for Allied Magazine. So, after months of trying to organise this interview (thanks COVID-19!) here it is!

Kennedy, can you tell us a bit about your life as a Physio before COVID-19?

Life before Covid-19 was hectic, I was spreading myself very, very thin, across full time clinical work, trying to run a side hustle, juggling relationships and too many of my hobbies!

I worked clinically in the CBD in corporate health and wellness, so a lot of sedentary office workers with some sports medicine work with the weekend warriors. I loved it, the type and personality of the clientele really challenged me, a lot of the corporate people in the city are go-getters and type A personalities, which can be challenging at times to work with.

On top of that I would often go home at night (and weekends of course) to work on my little side hustle, The Communication Experience, it started with a passion to help university students transition into full time private clinical physio work.

We provide resources, run workshops, seminars and on a bigger scale, conferences to educate allied health professionals.

Can you tell me how has COVID-19 impacted your work life? What does your typical day look like now?

Hugely, although physiotherapy was considered an essential service during the stage 3 lockdown our clinic group closed officially on the 24th March. Initially I was gutted and loss of sense of direction in life because physiotherapy was not only my profession, but it was my identity, it was what provided value in my life.

I haven’t worked for 6 weeks now (clinically in person) but through 6 weeks of a lot of downtime and self-reflection, I’ve realised we are human beings, and we just need to BE sometimes. Spending time with my family, exercising, meditating, studying online and re-picking up some instruments helps me re-align with who I truly am and what I truly want, every day.

And of course, now I get a bit more time working on my side hustle, which I will touch on later in this interview.

How have you managed self-isolation?

I probably am managing self-isolation very differently to some people, being an extrovert myself, I actually don’t crave human interaction as much as I had thought I would.

Mindset really plays a big part in self-isolation, I believe if you can survive 6-8 weeks of living with yourself, under your own skin, being comfortable with your thoughts and actions, then you’re not relying on others to bring you happiness or optimism, it comes from within.

You are a very busy guy! Do you have some tips for anyone who might need some motivation right now?

  1. Meditate everyday
  2. Be comfortable with living under your own skin
  3. Find out what’s important in your life

Tell us about your upcoming event?

As mentioned above, through my side hustle The Communication Experience we are hosting Break Through 2020 – Australia’s FIRST Sports Medicine and Allied Health Virtual Conference.

We are expecting around 400 attendees from mainly Australia, some attendees from India, Singapore, North America & Asia Pacific to join us.

This year’s theme is Break Through, through this difficult time we still need to learn as a profession. We want to break through covid-19 and come out the other end as better clinicians with the latest research and evidence to help our patients.

Why did you decide to run this event?

The APA (Australian Physiotherapy Association) has put a cancellation period on all professional development physical event until 30th June 2020.

Break Through 2020 has evolved from 2019’s physical conference to this year’s virtual conference. The conference’s aim is to bring a sense of community and connection to our industry during these social-distancing times, by continuing to deliver & educate the highest level of clinical excellence by having recognised speakers in our virtual rooms, we’ve partnered with North American company Whova to make it possible.

We always like to put a philanthropic twist to it, this year we are proudly supporting by donating a portion of our revenue towards food & essential items for people in need.

How can we attend?

You can register and find out all the information on –

10% of all ticket proceeds will be donated to

We also have Facebook and LinkedIn events:

Facebook –

LinkedIn –


Kennedy Lay is a physiotherapist, passionate student-focussed mentor and director & founder of The Communication Experience.

Through ~50 30-minutes consultations & meetings per week with his clients, Kennedy realises how important face-2-face communication skills are and have therefore created *The Communication Experience* to assist physiotherapy students and new grads to ensure a smoother transition from university to private practice physio.

Kennedy is always looking for networking opportunities in either English, Cantonese or Mandarin. 

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