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The Barefoot Wellness Summit

Your Body Needs to Go to This…Here’s Why

No one wants to be or feel unwell. Whether it’s an injury, lack of exercise, or poor diet, no one likes feeling less than their best. We all want to feel and function at top form if we can. When your body isn’t operating as you want it to, every part of your life suffers.

The people you will hear from at this summit are leading health professionals in their fields and will cover all the bases that will help you achieve your best optimisation – mind, body and gut, it’s all covered. Most importantly, it’s all discussed in a practical and easy to understand way #averagejoeswelcome!

The three speakers, Kate Pollard (Dietitian), Sal Oliver Lange (Physiotherapist) and Wade Jacklin (Psychologist), will be talking about the following respectively:

  • Creating a Great Relationship with Food
  • Accumulative Strain and Building Resilience
  • Implementing Change.


The summit is literally a comprehensive mind, body and soul enhancement seminar. Saying no to that is like saying no to being AWESOME…and that’s just weird.

Barefoot’s very own Olympian, Caitlin Sargent, will be the MC-ing, as well as sharing her story. There will be a practical self-release session with the Barefoot Physiotherapy team, and they’ll be looking after all things hunger related – morning tea, lunch and nibbles are all provided.

With the amount of information flying at us these days regarding health, it can sometimes be a touch overwhelming – what to eat, what not to eat, how to move, how not to move. The presenters and hosts will be simplifying it all for you.

So folks, whether your wellness journey has just begun, or you’re wanting to take it to the next level, this event is simply important for ALL of us to go to.

Visit the event page on the Barefoot Physio website for more info regarding times, location and pricing.


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