Apple Podcasts adds new wellbeing category

In time for Mental Health Awareness Month, Apple Podcasts is shining light on a new category of podcasts to listen to.

The new Wellbeing category collects shows featuring health, fitness and wellness topics. As noted by AdWeek, listenership for shows in this genre has increased 40% in the last five years.

Well-being is top of mind for many consumers, with 62% of participants in a recent study agreeing that their health is more important now than before the pandemic. That general attitude is impacting podcast listening. Listenership for health and fitness content is up 44% since 2019. When many people lost access to therapists, doctors, support groups and community during this time, mental health and wellness podcasts filled the void and ensured you weren’t lost. People found ways to stay and feel connected through the podcast hosts they so intimately came to trust. 

The act of listening to podcasts is itself becoming a safe space, especially for younger audiences who are growing up and coming of age. According to an SXM Media study, listeners ages 18 to 24 listen to podcasts to improve their mood and feel less alone. Gen Z is embracing podcasts, especially creators, with 44% saying they find podcast hosts to be relatable and authentic, and 42% saying they trust and value the opinions of the hosts they listen to.

Apple says the category will curate shows that promote an inclusive approach to wellbeing, covering mood, sleep, relationships, meditation and more.

You can find the new category now in the Search tab in the Apple Podcasts app.

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