Allied’s Top Six Dietitian/Nutritionist Logos!

As you all know, design is on of our key passions – I love see allied health look good!

It does take time and effort to get the right looking logo, as don’t forget, once you have chosen one – you can’t change it for a long long time!

I wanted to share with you our top logos we have found around the country – let us know what you think?

I also investigated and found a few common traits among our dietitians and nutritionists that I wanted to share with you quickly:

  • You LOVE the colour green
  • You love apples
  • So many of you don’t have proper websites!

Enjoy and remember if you need a website or logo, drop me a line!


Allied Health Marketing’s Top Six Dietitian/Nutritionist Logos!


Love this logo, simple and clean and easy to read.



Expert personalised nutrition and dietary advice to help you improve your health and lifestyle

Nice to see a dietitian//nutrition business move away from the traditional green.


Something a little more organic, but still contemporary.



Not only is this a HOT looking website, who doesn’t love a play on words??


Nutritionally Balanced

I like this as it stands out from a few logo options – it’s also very few good ’round’ logos that I have seen!


The Everyday Dietitian

Simple. Elegant. To the point. Timeless.

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