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Alex de Minaur reveals how he plans to gain a competitive edge this summer

With the hopes and hearts of a nation behind him, Australian tennis star and eniQ brand ambassador, Alex de Minaur, is confident a home soil advantage and diligent preparation will give him the competitive edge in a campaign to bring home a victory for his nation. The Aussie hopeful is backed by Australian-owned and made sports and wellness nutrition brand, eniQ, who offer a scientifically-formulated range of products designed to deliver sustained energy, maximum rehydration and muscle recovery under the harsh Australian sun.

As Australia’s highest ranked men’s player, the 22-year-old from Sydney won another two ATP titles in 2021 and will once again spearhead the Australian ATP Cup team in Sydney this January. While the clock ticks down to the start of Australia’s much-anticipated summer of tennis and the Australian Open, Aussie tennis’ ‘boy next door’ is known off the court for his good-natured sense of humour, impressive trick shot skills, and attention to detail in training & preparation. A key component of the tennis ace’s pre-tournament regime includes choosing eniQ’s potent & pure range of hydration & recovery products on and off the court.

With the full support of Australian sporting fans behind him, de Minaur’s summer tennis campaign is looking positive. His knowledge and experience of playing in the harsh Australian climate provides the advantage of a grounded understanding of how vital hydration is to achieving peak performance in training and matches. The honour of representing a country of passionate tennis fans is not lost on the young hopeful who acknowledges, “You leave it all out there for your country, no matter what, and at the end of your match, you’ve got to be proud of your effort.”

“A lot of my success to date has come down to meticulous preparation and planning. I have confidence that eniQ can keep me well hydrated on the court, with the bonus of slow-release carbohydrates giving me the sustained energy I require to maintain a high level of performance through five sets in the heat,” said de Minaur.

With formulations and products designed to re-hydrate, supply sustained energy, and aid muscle recovery, eniQ has been developed by a team of athletes, nutritionists, sports scientists, and pharmaceutical professionals. Dedicated to unlocking maximum performance and wellness, the range, which includes an electrolyte and electrolyte whey protein isolate, fuels the body more effectively and efficiently than other sugar-filled alternatives on the market. HASTA-certified and with a tooth-friendly pH of 6, it is eniQ’s advanced scientific formulas that de Minaur has turned to as he faces the extreme Australian conditions on and off court.

“Throughout my career I’ve worked meticulously with coaches, mentors and other professionals to find the secrets to gaining the upper hand in my matches. While it is easy to overlook, finding the time to implement an effective hydration and recovery plan is key for me to play my best tennis across any time zone and climate,” said de Minaur.

“I look at hydration & recovery as a one percenter, no different to diet & nutrition, and strongly believe eniQ products can give me an edge over my opponents. I also love that eniQ is a young, up-and-coming Australian company taking on the world.  Much like me, really,” de Minaur concluded.

eniQ’s CEO, Tim Scott-Branagan, said the partnership with de Minaur is the ideal fit for the locally owned company: “Alex is the perfect ambassador for us and we are privileged to work with him. At the age of 22 his achievements are already remarkable, but we know he is driven to achieve much more. We love Alex’s professionalism, tenacity, and humility. He is an incredible role model for young Aussie athletes.”

“We were so excited when he won Eastbourne this year. It was our first victory together. We hope it is the first of many,” continued Scott-Branagan.

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