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Advertising in Allied Magazine

Allied Magazine Advertising Opportunities

Our aim is to provide the Allied Health, Fitness and Wellness industries with a platform to share their stores, successes and lessons in business and in health.

Allied Magazine engages with those who are interested in and work within the Allied Health, Fitness and Wellness industries.


Our readers are a mix of 65 per cent female and 35 per cent male. Much of our audience comprises of dieticians, nutritionists, physiotherapists, exercise physiotherapists, personal trainers, to name a few, plus a wide range of people in the industry, all with a keen interest in wellness, fitness and health:

  • Online subscription of 500+ per issue (with an estimated readership of over 1,500)
  • Email Advertising reach of 5000+ Health Professionals 
  • Exclusive articles on the Allied Magazine website, with over 1000 site visitors each week and growing
  • Social following reach of over 4,000 fans

Stats accurate as at January 2018.

For more information and advertising rates email