A new way to find disability services and support for everyday life

A new way to find disability services and support for everyday life

The Australian Government’s new Disability Gateway is a free, Australia-wide service dedicated to helping
people living with disability, and their families and carers, find trusted information and connect them to
services in their area.

The Disability Gateway includes a website, phone line and a Facebook page to help connect people to the right
disability information and services.

The website is organised around 10 topics, or areas of life, to help people refine their search.
Health and wellbeing is one of those areas and includes information on:
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Health and support services
• Emergency and planned respite care
• Health and personal care

The Disability Gateway also provides free, fact-checked and private information and advice about COVID-19.
Other topic areas include income and finance, employment, aids and equipment, housing, transport, everyday
living, education, leisure, rights and legal.

Around 4.4 million Australians are living with disability and there are a wide range of services and supports
available. However, searching for information and services can sometimes be difficult and complex.

The Disability Gateway aims to improve access to information and services and make searching less stressful. It
is a central starting point, providing information people can trust that is accessible, easy and safe to use.

The Disability Gateway phone line provides free, fact-checked information and can transfer people directly to
other support services if needed, such as counselling or advocacy.

Visit disabilitygateway.gov.au or call 1800 643 787 AEDT/AEST to find out more.

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