5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Bamboo Underwear for Your Workouts (and Everything Else You Do)

Few things compare to the amazing feeling of endorphins coursing through your body after a challenging workout. That post-workout high, the blood pumping and the sweat dripping is a clear sign that you’ve put in the effort and will soon reap the benefits, like increased energy, better sleep, and hopefully, some gains.

However, there’s one not-so-great feeling that can dampen your post-workout glow: being unable to shower immediately. Your underwear becomes as wet as your shirt, potentially leading to discomfort, chafing, and even those pesky sweat pimples that pop up when moisture lingers on your skin for too long.

The good news is that a game-changing fabric has entered the scene, and more underwear brands, including the cult-favourite Step One, are embracing it. Here are five compelling reasons to switch to bamboo underwear for your workouts and beyond.

1. Bamboo Viscose is Anti-Bacterial and Breathable

Bamboo viscose is a naturally breathable, anti-bacterial, and moisture-wicking fabric that allows your skin to dry much faster than cotton. This makes it an ideal choice for those who lead an active lifestyle. If you’re familiar with the discomforts of excessive sweating without immediate showering, such as sweat pimples, rashes, or even yeast infections, choosing bamboo viscose underwear can significantly reduce these issues. So, besides showering right after your workouts, switching to bamboo viscose underwear can further improve your chances of minimising these grievances.

2. Chafe-Resistant

While bamboo fabric alone is not chafe-resistant, Step One has introduced a solution with their Ultra Glide panels. These innovative panels, found in the trunk and boxer brief styles, sit between your thighs, minimising friction as you move. If chafing has been a concern for you, these options might be just what you need to make your workouts more comfortable.

3. Wedgie Resistant

Let’s face it, wedgies are no fun either. By incorporating small amounts of spandex and polyamide, bamboo viscose underwear offers the perfect blend of stretch for unrestricted movement and a snug, personalised fit that stays wedgie-free. The inclusion of polyamide also enhances durability, ensuring your underwear holds up well after countless washes.

4. Better for the Environment

Did you know that producing a cotton t-shirt requires approximately 25,000 litres of water? That’s an astonishing amount of water wastage! At Step One, we source our organic bamboo from farms that rely solely on rainwater. Unlike cotton, bamboo doesn’t require uprooting; it simply gets cut and regrows as it is a grass. This means no harm to habitats, no water wastage, and no damage to the environment throughout our supply chain. While environmental impact may seem unrelated to your workouts, it’s essential for all of us to do our part where we can.

5. It's Simply Better!

As you can see, bamboo fabric offers superior hygiene compared to other materials, and it’s more renewable and sustainable. Step One’s design specifically targets common problems people face, from chafing to wedgies. It’s no wonder that 65% of our customers are repeat buyers—once you try your first pair, you’ll want to replace your entire underwear drawer!

But jokes aside, switching to bamboo viscose underwear will truly elevate your active lifestyle and day-to-day comfort.

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