5 reasons to add Japanese Remedial Yoga Therapy to your weekly routine

Routine can be vital when it comes to productivity and setting the day up properly. It’s usually  different for each of us, whether it’s working out every morning or taking your dog for a walk around the block. Having things set in place provides a sense of structure and familiarity. Waking up with a sense of ownership, order and organisation in your life will help will also set the scene for productivity in your day.

Remedial Yoga Therapy (RYT) is a Japanese style of yoga that is enhanced with the ancient health philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help you deal with all aspects of your health, fitness and wellbeing.  An energy-based oriental therapy that you can do on the mat, treating you as a whole-person so that you can feel more balance and in control.

Here are some reasons to add it into your morning routine:

Defog your mind

Sometimes we may be racing at a million miles an hour and seriously burning the candle at both ends, we may think we are being productive but we are not really  working with a clear mindset. A balanced body brings with it a clarity of mind to make help you make the right choices in a calm and thoughtful way. This means you get things done and have time to do the things you love most. RYT deals with the busy brain by clearing the energy in the big working muscles of your body, the gluts, quads and traps.  

Sleep is key

It’s scary how a good night’s sleep is so uncommon these days, a lot of us running on over-drive, fueled by tons of coffee, which isn’t healthy for your body or your mind. Lack of sleep affects everything, you can gain weight, experience mood swings and set in a reactive mode that pushes your stress and anxiety levels to an all time high. Practicing RYT can help improve your sleep wto ensure your body knows what to do when it is time for sleep.  Simple dynamic movement and breathing changes to traditional yoga asanas will elicit a therapeutic effect, calming your kidney energy (adrenals) down and allow the cortisol hormone to give you a full night sleep.

Balancing your hormones

Working with the energy or qi meridians (more commonly known in therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure massage) RYT is commonly used to bring balance to the endocrine system. It assists with common issues such as menstrual cramping, premature aging and hair loss as well as fertility for the boys and the girls.

Toning up not bulking up

One-on-one sessions of RYT includes a prescription of exercises to  suit you and your body to bring balance by locating and building up areas of weakness so that the overworked areas of the body can have a well earned rest.  Essentially, this means that your body not working against itself, keeping you strong and flexible with enough energy to last you all day. Balanced and proportional muscle tone is much better for your joints, especially your knees, wrists and shoulder – keeping you at your favourite sport or exercise, longer.

Core strength for Emotional Stability

In yoga terms, core strength means that your body is strong enough on the inside so that you can be flexible and happy on the outside. Believe it or not but a flexible physical body will allow your mind to be far more flexible too reacting more intuitively to the world around you, helping you to be present and mindful in everything you do.

If you’re interested in learning more visit the College of Therapy Yoga and try it for yourself.


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