5 reasons this exercise physiologist swears by stand up paddle boarding

by Veronika Larisova

I live for summer, and therefore I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the warmer months. In summer you will find me running along the coastline, or on a trail in the blue mountains or even just relaxing at the beach with friends, but one thing that I have really started getting into is stand up paddle boarding. Not only is it a great workout, but it is also great for your mind to be out on the water. Here are 5 reasons I am loving stand up paddle boarding at the moment.  

Developing core strength, stability and balance 

I am a runner, and therefore having a strong core, good stability and balance is imperative to keep me injury free. Trust me, I have had more than enough injuries in my time but that’s a part of running ultras.  Exercising on a stand up paddle board is a good way to work on these three elements.  Having a strong core is important for any physical activity (and especially sport and exercise) as it takes the load off your arms and legs, and decreases the stress on your lower back. For example, most running injuries actually stem from poor core and hip stability.  Stand up paddle boarding on an uneven surface ie. choppy water, forces the muscles in your mid-section to work harder to maintain balance. As you attempt to balance the board, your core is forced to work to maintain a stable base, so as you paddle side to side the muscles in your upper body contract. SUP also puts a lot of demand on your leg muscles but with a low impact which makes it great for people of all ages. 

Great when recovering from injuries  

SUP is a great form of exercise for when you are recovering from injuries but don’t want to fall behind on your overall fitness. This is because of the low impact nature of the sport, and if worse comes to worst and you fall, at least you are falling into water. I was SUPing a lot when I injured my ankle and leg and found that it helped to strengthen those areas throughout the recovery process. 

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Good for mental health- outdoors, calming 

I believe that we all need to get outside more and enjoy nature or be near water. There are so many documented benefits of being outdoors, especially when it comes to keeping calm or helping too destress. On average, one in three women and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage in their life. In fact, in a 12 month period, over 2 million Australians experience anxiety. The good news is that studies have shown that simply being near bodies of water can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This finding, combined with the obvious benefits of exercise, make it an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from either of these conditions. Additionally, sun exposure is a great source of vitamin D and one of the most important functions of this vitamin is to enhance focus and concentration which is another reason to get outdoors and try paddle boarding.  

Great for any age group 

That’s right, due to the low impact nature of stand up paddle boarding, the sport is becoming more popular with older generations. It is also enjoyed by families with kids, as a great activity to do together. And, with the rise of inflatable boards, the sport has gained even more recognition thanks to their awesome transportability and storage benefits. They are portable and lighter than a fibreglass boards and premium brands such as Red Paddle Co offer super durable, award winning designs that are made to last and withstand the heat that we get here in Australia. 

You can also take your dog  

I am obsessed with my dogs, so if I have the chance to do an activity with them, I take it. Provided you can keep your dog still enough, it is easy to paddle around in calm water with your dogs on the front of the board. Dogs are also great for improving your mood, making SUP the ultimate experience in my opinion


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