Allied Magazine | 5 Instagram Images That Always Succeed
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5 Instagram Images That Always Succeed

Ever wondered how to optimize your Instagram snaps to appeal to your audience and increase your business’s exposure? Read on…



User-generated content, or UGC, is really popular in 2016. It’s real, and it connects and resonates with your followers, working as social proof and showing visitors that other users are raving about your brand. It’s no surprise that UGC images get so much attention and engagement on Instagram. TIP: Encourage your clients to share photos with you of what they get up to away from sessions with you!

Behind the scenes images, particularly pictures that are taken of or by employees, are almost as powerful as UGC images when it comes to driving results. Clients love to get that inside look into your business. It makes you real, it makes you approachable and it adds trust. TIP: Don’t be afraid to show the things that go wrong, are you puffed after a hard exercise session – show them you are human too!

An uplifting, motivational post can resonate with your audience. Nike is the king of brands that share motivational images on Instagram, and they have a ton of followers and engagement to back their strategy up. There are even entire Instagram accounts that are devoted to only posting motivational quotes. TIP: If you are working in health, you are no doubt extremely passionate – share that passion through your inner thoughts and advice.

Everyone loves a good competition don’t they? Why not give people the chance to experience your services (adds more followers to your page AND you may get a new client). TIP: Don’t make the competition too difficult otherwise no one will take part. A quick tag, comment etc. is all you need.


You teach everyday so why not share your thoughts? Perhaps it’s a photo on how to have the perfect exercise form or a recipe for a delicious, healthy meal? By sharing your knowledge you are giving back to the Instagram community and could lead to potential leads. TIP: Try video and make it fun and informative. Remember practice makes perfect, so plan before you film!

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